Patrick Henry Center endorses Tea Party Patriots

In response to the recent media confusion regarding tea party groups, Gary Aldrich’s support lies with the Tea Party Patriots.  After months of investigation, communications and deliberations, Aldrich and his organization The Patrick Henry Center for Individual Liberty endorsed the group led by Jenny Beth Martin and Mark Meckler as the most effective, focused and impacting national coalition.

“The Tea Party Patriots have my full endorsement and confidence.  I hope to be very involved in supporting and collaborating with them” said Aldrich.  Aldrich’s investigation of several high-profile tea party groups was aided by skills honed during his 26 years in the FBI.  Leading up to his endorsement of Tea Party Patriots, the Patrick Henry Center launched Operation Restore Liberty to find and aid citizen activists in taking back their rightful power.  It was within this initiative that the investigation of several groups began.

The Tea Party Patriots are a coalition of over 2,500 chapters nationwide.  Their membership far exceeds other groups, including Tea Party Nation.  Martin and Meckler credit this membership to their philosophy of locality: “We do not believe we control these chapters, but instead believe our public position gives them a more effective platform to speak from” said Meckler.  It is this spirit that convinced Aldrich to identify them as the obvious choice for the grassroots to join and for others to support.

“I believe that solid, dependable leadership is essential to the movement.  The challenge is to not co-opt the local power, needs and voices of so many chapters.  Jenny Beth and Mark respect the membership, do not profiteer off their backs and seek to amplify their voices, not dictate them” Aldrich explained of his endorsement. (Source: Patrick Henry Center)

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