No Friend of the Taxpayer

A very important issue for conservatism, I supported TABOR and wish it would have passed.  In fact, had Wisconsin had the foresight to pass and maintain real constitutional spending controls, one could easily argue that we would not be facing the $2.7 billion deficit predicament we’re in today as a state.

TABOR, despite all of the demonization from government interests, unions and Wisconsin’s tax-taking class, would have directly empowered the individual voter to determine the size of their government and the magnitude of their tax increase over the year or biennium ahead.

Such a proposal was considered and received a vote in the State Legislature in 2006.  It failed miserably – and Terri McCormick voted against it twice.

McCormick served in the Assembly for six years.  In that time, she managed to vote for all thee of the budgets that were enacted during her term – along with a truly abysmal budget repair bill in 2001.  This is hardly the mark of a maverick.

So, what did McCormick vote for in these budget packages?

In 2001, she voted for a 77-cent per pack cigarette tax increase.

She also voted in favor of a $112 million increase in the Stewardship program, one of the most wasteful and profligate programs in Madison’s portfolio.  Stewardship uses the government purchase of private property to do a number of great things – like preserving beautiful lands for future generations and then prohibiting those generations from accessing them, taking valuable land off of the tax rolls and depriving local governments of legitimate revenue, and generally expanding the size and reach of the tentacles of government.  Making matters worse, every penny of this $112 million was borrowed – making hollow any commitment to reducing long-term debt. (Source: Wisconsin Truth Project)

Do those sound like votes that were in the best interests of Wisconsin taxpayers?

Voters in the 8th District be sure you are informed before going to the voting booth on September 18.

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