American Muslims Debate Loyalty

American Muslims are debating key questions of loyalty to America, a debate in which the stakes could not be higher. Alarmingly, “no fewer than four United States citizens and a permanent U.S. resident have risen to senior leadership posts within al-Qaeda,” according to an Investors Business Daily editorial by Paul Sperry. Thus, “five English-speaking leaders are actively planning or facilitating attacks against their countrymen, while recruiting and radicalizing other American turncoats to carry them out.”

The implications of this are frightening. No longer is America at war with a foreign enemy. The enemy is here — an enemy who understands how “America works, having lived here for decades.” Thus, fellow Americans are recruited by the enemy. These traitors are “fed by a native Muslim population once believed [to be] … nonthreatening.” Is this an aberration, or does Islam condone and promote this disloyalty?

How do we battle the ongoing war from within? America finds itself “battling [its] own citizens. How do we deal with wartime traitors? Can the CIA assassinate them? Can it spy on them? What about their civil rights?”

Anwar Awlaki, the American-born cleric, is al-Qaeda’s top recruiter of Western suicide cells. Awlaki radicalized the Fort Hood shooter and the Times Square bomber. Awlaki has called “on American Muslims to turn against their government and has even justified killing American civilians.” He has stated that “[j]ihad against America is binding on every other [American] Muslim,” and he warns that terror attacks will come “from within” the United States. In addition to recruiting other Muslims, “African-American and white converts, who do not fit the Arab terrorist profile, have received al-Qaeda training in Yemen.” Moreover, because of “free speech,” currently “there are 15,000 jihad Web sites” — the majority of which “operate off servers based inside the U.S.”

The jihadists are intent upon the destruction of this country. If moderate Muslims do exist, then it behooves them to fight the American traitors among us. If American Muslims continue to reflect a conflicted relationship with their country of birth, putting Islam above all else, then other Americans will rightly conclude that a civil war is upon us — one that al-Qaeda is steadfastly perpetrating. (Source: American Thinker)

What is disturbing is that such a debate even has to take place.

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