Don’t put your money on Terri McCormick

In contrast, the Terri McCormick campaign is in shambles. The most recent finance report says she has $1,600 on hand. That’s about $75,000 behind Ribble and $60,000 less than Roth. (It’s also about a grand worse than 2nd Congressional District candidate Peter Theron) The word on the street is the campaign spent recklessly on meaningless items, including $2,000 for a band to play on a float at a parade.

McCormick’s campaign was supposed to represent a libertarian movement within the Republican Party. D.C. libertarians “found” her as a candidate and promised financial backing. Idealistic young Ron Paul fans migrated to Northeast Wisconsin to work for what they believed was a continuation of the Ron Paul revolution.

There was only one problem: The candidate was not a libertarian herself. In fact, much of the rhetoric on her website, likely written by staffers, included ideas that rarely surfaced on the stump and was sometimes even flatly contradicted. For instance, although her website emphasizes the need to strategically withdraw troops from Iraq and Afghanistan, she did not match Roth’s call to withdraw from Afghanistan at a debate, instead siding with Ribble, who said the government should continue to fund troops there.

The most recent McCormick TV ad is bizarre. While she emphasizes the need for smaller government, the theme of the ad is “level playing field.” She never explains what exactly that means.  (Source: The Daily Page)

As Todd points out Jack Craver is spot on with this assessment.  What I witnessed today also says a great deal.  When I went to run errands this morning a guy was walking through the neighborhood with a bunch of McCormick yard signs he was looking to put up.  Considering I didn’t see one McCormick sign in the neighborhood when I returned he obviously wasn’t too successful.

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3 thoughts on “Don’t put your money on Terri McCormick

  1. Despite the “analysis” of this blog, the Republican Liberty Caucus of Wisconsin, the Libertarian Wing of the Republican Party, still proudly endorses Terri McCormick far above the other two opponents in her primary race. And let it also be known that Sheriff Richard Mack, a Constitutional advocate for both State and Individual Rights, just recently endorsed Ms. McCormick too.

    Your in Liberty,

    Michael S. Murphy
    The Republican Liberty Caucus of Wisconsin

  2. Why would Ribble need so much money??

    I’ll tell you why…The polling indicates Ribble has spent the most money and he is coming in last because people don’t know him. He has a name that won’t stick because he is a lobbyist who has high negatives, just like his endorsee, John Gard.

    Terri McCormick continues to poll ahead of the group. She honorably represented a significant part of the district with many reforms and bills passed as accomplishments. She actually raised a family in the district and is well known in the 8th ….

    Washington DC Advisors have said that Ribble/ Roth will need to raise 3 million to be on par with the people’s familiarity with McCormick, due to her ‘positive race’ run in 2006 – where she continues to have the largest footprint in the 8th.

    Both Ribble and Roth’s connections to family lobbying and direct lines to DC lobby groups is turning people off at a time when they want to throw out those with “business as usual” politics. Ribble’s PAC President Agenda to give amnesty to illegals for a new market of ‘cheap labor’. Roth’s Uncle Toby, who has been known to arm-twist and call in special favors from OLD contributors, is wearing thin.

    McCormick will prevail against Kagen as she leads a 11,000 count survey with less than a 1% error rate. Why? It’s time for citizen leaders, not lobby famiies, to go to DC.

    Credibility cannot be borrowed from an uncle or bought from
    your personal pac funds…It must be earned!

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