Desperation by McCormick supporters

As the September 14 primary gets closer, the desperation by supporters of Terri McCormick grows.  Terri’s supporters at Republican Liberty Caucus have gone to extremes when it comes to signs and support.  And apparently they are taking cues from MSNBC when it comes to their reporting of “news”.

Reports coming in from the 8th Congressional District reveal that an unknown individual is stealing Terri McCormick campaign signs from several residential front yards and placing them in public areas, which is illegal to post such material.  Once placed on public property, the signs violate election laws and have the potential of being confiscated by law enforcement officials.

One witness, who wished to remain anonymous, observed two signs placed in front of an official “Stop” sign at a major highway intersection in Appleton, presenting a severe traffic hazard to motorists.

The identity of this sign looter is still unknown.  However, one report of potential misconduct was observed and reported on by Reid Ribble supporter and “Try 2 Focus” blogger, Brad Van Lanen.  Van Lanen states in his blog post on September 4, 2010, that he actually witnessed such behavior.

Van Lanen writes, “When I went to run errands this morning a guy was walking through the neighborhood with a bunch of McCormick yard signs…” Van Lanen continued, “…I didn’t see one McCormick sign in the neighborhood when I returned…”

Because of Van Lanen’s comments, some McCormick supporters who find it quite peculiar that Van Lanen would report such act, are suspecting these thefts are connected to the Reid Ribble Campaign.  It is unknown at this time if the suspect, or anyone else involved, has any ties to the Ribble campaign whatsoever. (Source: Republican Liberty Caucus)

Memo to the RLC next time you want to “create” a story by stringing together parts of a blog post to fit your template, link to the source you are utilizing.  Had you done that your readers would have seen that you left out important parts of the observation.  Namely the fact that the guy was trying to DISTRIBUTE McCormick signs in the neighborhood and obviously failed to do so.  And your readers would have seen that I have yet to provide an endorsement in the 8th Congressional race.

Apparently Terri’s supporters at RLC prefer create “false” news, much like the mainstream media does when it comes to things like the Tea Party.  How else can this lame attempt at news by a member of the RLC be explained?

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