Burning Questions: Reid Ribble

Ribble talked about his candidacy and his views on the issues in an interview Tuesday at http://www.postcrescent. com. Here’s an edited transcript of the interview:

Why are you a better candidate than McCormick and Roth?

In reality, we’re all conservatives so when you get to the real meat on the bones of policy, we’re going to be pretty similar. But what really sets me apart is my 30 years of private-sector business experience. That private-sector experience gives me a totally different perspective on legislation. You have a circumstance in life where professional politicians and legislators are writing rules and policy and legislation that businesses have to follow. Often, they don’t understand what the business world is like, how job creation works, the normal profit cycles that take place, the impact of taxation, and they’re writing legislation against those businesses. My private-sector experience will cause me to be very cautious with that legislation because I realize its cumulative impact.

I believe that I’m probably best positioned to go head-to-head with our current incumbent, Congressman Kagen. In the real world of debate and discussion of the issues, he’s not going to be able to speak down to me because I’m young. He’s not going to point to any legislative record that I have because I don’t have one. He can’t say that I don’t understand business like he does because I run a business and I’ve met a payroll. So on those types of issues, there’s a great equalization that takes place with Congressman Kagen and I.

You have a home in Sherwood (in the 6th Congressional District) and, after you announced your candidacy, you found a home in De Pere. You consider De Pere your primary residence?

That’s where my wife and I reside. In part, we moved to De Pere because we made a decision early on in our campaign that we wanted to have our campaign office and presence in Green Bay. That was a strategic decision we made.

The issue of residency has rarely come up in the course of the conversation because people who live here know I’m from here. There’s certainly no constitutional requirement for me to live a mile north from where I live now so I can be in the district — from where I live in Sherwood, my home that’s in Sherwood. But they know that I’ve been here my whole life.

When I had to make a decision about where I wanted to run for Congress, it made total sense for me to run for Congress in the district where my livelihood came from. My company is in Kaukauna, I pay property taxes in Kaukauna. My home is so close to the border of the 6th District that my school taxes go to Kaukauna, which is in the district. My wife’s business, Family Christian Stores, is on College Avenue in Appleton. Virtually everything we did in how we lived our lives was in the 8th District and all the impact of legislation that impacted my family and my life happened in the 8th District. So that’s why I chose to run in the 8th District. (Source: Post Crescent)

Go to the source and read the whole article before the September 14th primary.  Be informed as a voter in the 8th Congressional District.

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