Craig Fletcher’s 8 point plan

5th Assembly District candidate Craig Fletcher has unveiled his 8-point plan for “Moving Forward” Wisconsin and getting the state back on the right track.

1. Repeal the 8 to 11.1% increase in state spending that can be found in the 2009/11 budget summary (the 2009/11 State Budget Summary states a 7.9% increase for 2010 and a 6.5% increase for 2011) or as per the Wisconsin Taxpayer Alliance monthly report dated Dec. 2009 (which includes the cost of state bonding).  Repeal the increase in fees and taxes associated with this budget and the budget repair bill (Act 2, February of 2009, and Act 28, 2009/11 July Budget Bill). The taxpayer savings will depend on the economic outlook, but must be done to get Wisconsin back on the path to fiscal solvency. The repeal of the Act 2 and Act 28 tax and fee increases will stimulate business growth and investment.

2. Have Wisconsin use GAP accounting allowing the use of one budget and not the two presently in use. The General Purpose Revenue (GPR) and All Fund Budget do not add up and make it very easy to hide and co-mingle funds and programs. This (GAP budgeting) could be accomplished in the next one or two biennium budgets. Stop the practice of non-budget items being included in the budget. There were 80 non- budget items proposed and 40 adopted in our last budget. Taxpayer savings will be seen after we can ascertain the actual costs of the programs in place and then help to remove redundant programs from the budget.

3. Restructure the DNR and limit their regulating power that represses business growth and expansion. We need DNR board members from business, farming, and different areas in the state and not just from the beltway in Madison. Streamline the permit processes for business and individuals working to remove the old and archaic regulations that have been eclipsed by new regulations. Encourage the DNR to work with business and individuals and not control them. Require them to follow the Constitution with businesses, individuals, and sportsmen ensuring our rights.

4. Re-evaluate the welfare system to ensure it is following W-2 that was put in place after the 1994 Federal waiver received from the Clinton Administration. Work with the attorney general to make it mandatory that any recipients produce a Wisconsin tax return from the previous year, birth certificate and have random urine testing to maintain benefits. This program is to ensure the health, safety, and welfare of children and they deserve our due diligence as to the fitness of their caretakers. We should be working to help people become self-sufficient assets to our society and not making them more and more dependent upon government handouts. We must stop raising the income levels in these programs so they include more people. Look for the fraud, mismanagement and waste in programs such as “The Wisconsin Shares Program” and any similar programs. We spent $7,202,720 in welfare payments in the current budget. This $1,293 per capita cost is not sustainable to the taxpayers of Wisconsin (Wisconsin Blue Book 2009/11 pg. 824). (Source: Fletcher For Wisconsin)

Go to the source to read the rest of Craig’s solid plan.  Then go to the Fletcher campaign’s YouTube channel to view video of Craig explaining his plan.

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