Are Republican Party officials deliberately misleading GOP supporters?

This weekend, while most people are remembering and honoring the fallen who perished on 9/11, Republican Party of Wisconsin county chairs are actively planning a coordinated attack on some its own members.

An email chain between elite members was intercepted yesterday and reveals at least two Republican County Chairs at the center of a conspired attack on Republican gubernatorial candidate Mark Neumann and his supporters.

Initially authored by Oneida County Republican Chair Joyce Bant, the email describes in detail how she and her county party cohorts are frustrated with the responses they have been getting from Republican voters — who now favor Neumann over establishment favorite Scott Walker in the latest Rasmussen poll.

Bant goes on to explain that she was approached by an unnamed subject who was unhappy with his dealings with Neumann as a homebuilder.  County Chair Joyce Bant then proclaimed that she has “decided to be biased” and is directing her volunteers to be similarly biased if voters want information about Neumann:

She continues:

In a reply to Bant’s rant, Republican Party of Vilas County Chairman Jim Knuth passes along the information to many top officials in the Republican Party of Wisconsin, including state GOP Chairman Reince Priebus. In addition, to the original attachment from Bant, Mr. Knuth goes on to explain that he has two people that will give him a signed statement about their business dealings with Mark Neumann. Neither individual is named, nor is their connection to the state GOP apparatus revealed.

This email exchange, which I have been provided with, has the Wisconsin Liberty Caucus in an uproar.

Chairman Michael S. Murphy had the following comments on the matter:

“This conduct and behavior is the very reason the Republican Liberty Caucus exists today. We are the ‘Conscience of the Republican Party’ to keep elections fair and honest and hold insider politicians to account. It infuriates us to see that a few top dogs in the Wisconsin Republican Party are speaking on behalf of several thousand Republican members and playing dirty politics when they disagree with members of their own party.”

“These leaders are supposed to inform members about all Republican Party candidates, not just the chosen few. The root of the problem is the fundamentally flawed pre-primary endorsement process that the Republican Liberty Caucus has been critical of all year. The Party should not endorse anyone except the candidates approved by voters after the GOP primary.”

“These Republican Party leaders’ words and actions are not only disservice to the other Republican candidates and a betrayal of their own donors, but they speak volumes about how the current leadership of the party is actively using coercion to subdue party supporters.” (Source: Wisconsin Liberty Caucus)

What the RLC post doesn’t mention is that the Milwaukee Journal Sentinal on September 3 had an article questioning Neumann’s business claims and in fact interviewed two people who had what could be termed as “unfavorable” experiences with Neumann.

So is it a legitimate claim by the Wisconsin RLC to say GOP country chairs are deliberately misleading party members who show support for Mark Neumann?  Or are GOP county chairs just directing voters to do their research on candidates before voting on September 14 so voters make an informed choice?

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