Electoral Thoughts: I am Dave Westlake

It took me awhile, but finally I can say it – I am Dave Westlake.  I have to admit, when I first met Dave Westlake, I was endorsing one of his opponents, Constitution Party candidate Rob Taylor.  So, I can’t say I’ve always been a supporter.  However, the more I got to know Dave, the more I began to think this guy more than deserves my vote.

Dave Westlake is an impressive man.  A West Point graduate, a military veteran, a degree in business, a sharp mind, a dedicated Christian and a man who lives out his family values everyday within his own home – Dave Westlake is exactly the type of man I want representing me in the Senate.

What I find most compelling about Dave is his transparency.  I have to admit; at first the sight of a man dressed in all orange was a bit odd.  But, my opinion changed a few months ago while sitting in a coffee shop in Janesville.  Dave was there meeting voters and listening to their concerns.  Though he only knew me as the guy that endorsed his opponent at TEA party, Dave sat and allowed me to throw a barrage of questions at him.  I had nothing to lose, so I let him have it.  Each of my questions where met with a smile followed by a thoughtful, intelligent and constitutional response.  He never backed down or got offended.  He never ducked or sidestepped an issue.  He met every question head-on.  This was a guy devoid of pretention or arrogance.  He really is an everyday man.  He’s not afraid to tackle issues, take a stand and be held accountable for that stand.  I left that night convinced I just spoke to a man who deserved my vote.

Dave is true, constitutional conservative.  He unflinchingly stands for the sanctity of human life as he opposes the slaughter of all unborn human life without exception.  Dave was one of the few candidates brave enough to come to Madison to support traditional marriage while hundreds of homosexual activists surrounded us, trying to shout us down.  His support for limited government is not merely the hollow rhetoric we hear from other GOP candidates. Dave will be the best friend the second amendment and gun owners will ever have in Washington.  What more do I need to say?

Well, I guess there is one more thing I need to say – Dave Westlake can be trusted. (Source: Electoral Thoughts)

Kevin makes some interesting points as to why he is backing Dave. Go to the source to see why he isn’t backing Ron Johnson.

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