Electoral Thoughts: Rebecca is for real

Rebecca Kleefisch stands out in an attractive field of conservative candidates running for Lt. Governor.  What makes Rebecca stand out in my mind is that she is a woman with a plan.  I have yet to hear a clear, realistic vision of what the other candidates plan to do while serving in this constitutionally vague office.  Rebecca wants to promote the many opportunities Wisconsin offers and bring businesses back to the state.  She has the media savvy, know-how and passion to do it.

Rebecca also stands out as a solid conservative with nothing to hide and no votes to explain away.  She gained the support of conservative bloggers across the state as well as trusted Wisconsin conservatives such as Mark Belling, Charlie Sykes and Senator Glenn Grothman. She was also featured on Fox News as one of Sarah Palin’s “Mamma Grizzlies.”  She is 100% pro-life, supports gun rights (A+ rating from the NRA), and is one of the few candidates to actually mention the Constitution!

However, most important to me is Rebecca’s Christian testimony.  While many political candidates feign some sort of religious affiliation just in time for the election, Rebecca proclaims her faith even when doing so may not be politically convenient.  She was the only candidate for Lt. Governor to come out on the steps of the Capitol in Madison and declare her support for traditional marriage this summer.  While there, surrounded by hundreds of homosexual activists showing their intolerance for the Christian faith, Rebecca passed out flyers declaring that she was not ashamed of the gospel of Christ.  When I had an opportunity to speak with here about a few issues, her entire face lit up when I asked her about her faith.  (Source: Electoral Thoughts)

Kevin does a great job highlighting not only the fact she has a plan for the office but also how she doesn’t shy away from social issues or sharing her Christian faith.

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