Letters: Marc Savard – Vote for Reid Ribble

Former 8th Congressional candidate Marc Savard (who is still on the ballot) encourages people to vote for Reid Ribble in tomorrow’s primary.

I have had a unique perspective on the 8th Congressional District Republican primary, having been a candidate the longest, and having gotten to know each of the other candidates very well on the trail. I have watched and participated in numerous forums and appearances by all of the candidates. Since I stepped down from actively campaigning I have come to the conclusion that Reid Ribble is the best suited to deal with the very serious issues our country is facing right now. He has led an exemplary life of strong family values with two sons and two grandsons, has shown a businessman’s sense of balancing budgets and making a profit with a successful contracting business, and most important of all he is the only candidate to bring an outsiders common sense perspective that is so needed in today’s Washington culture of career politicians and power hungry operatives.

I strongly recommend you consider voting for Reid.

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