8th District Primary Endorsement

I actually wasn’t going to make an endorsement in this race.  In fact until last night I wasn’t sure who I was going to vote for today.  The reason for the uncertainty was due to the fact that I truly believe that the best candidate is no longer seeking the nomination.  That being said a decision ultimately needed to be made.

Of the three remaining candidates I think they are all very similar when it comes to positions on the issues facing this great nation.  In fact each candidate has certain positions I agree with and positions I disagree with.  So in making my decision of who to endorse I looked beyond the issues looking at things like experience and character.

After weighing the positives and negatives of each candidate I’ve decided to endorse Reid Ribble.

Ultimately Reid has the business and leadership experience that we need in Washington right now during these difficult times.  As a successful small business owner with years of experience balancing budgets and making tough choices Reid knows what needs to be done to balance the federal budget, eliminate the national debt and get America moving in the right direction.  More importantly Reid isn’t a career politician, so he will bring an outsider perspective to Washington along with common sense solutions to the problems facing us as a nation.

As a man of integrity, with strong values Reid Ribble will represent “We the people” in Washington as opposed to continuing politics as usual.

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