Senate Primary Endorsement

Had you asked me two months ago I would have told you I was endorsing Ron Johnson in the primary.  That is not the case today.

Ron Johnson may be the choice of the GOP establishment, but I have a major issue with the fact the GOP endorsed Ron only five days after he announced his candidacy.  I also have an issue with the fact that Ron has refused to debate his primary opponent.  Voters throughout the state deserved to see a debate between Ron Johnson and Dave Westlake but were denied that opportunity.

Ultimately the reason why I am NOT endorsing Ron Johnson is that since he’s announced I haven’t seen a plan or solutions that detail how to fix the mess this country is in.  Every campaign ad that I’ve seen has been about what Russ Feingold has done.  A visit to his campaign website doesn’t show any specifics either.  Go to the issues tab on Ron’s website, all you see are generalities and what Russ has done.  Why is it that Ron doesn’t have specifics?  We already know why Russ is wrong for Wisconsin, tell us why you are right for Wisconsin as a Senator.

Dave Westlake on the other hand has been willing to discuss the issues, has been willing to debate his primary opponent and has provided solutions, including a battle plan to fix the economy last week.

That is why I’m endorsing Dave Westlake for Senate.  I encourage you to go to Dave’s website and become informed on why he is the CORRECT Conservative choice.

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