Ron Kind ducking debates

Dan Kapanke, Republican candidate for Congress in Wisconsin’s Third Congressional District, criticized Ron Kind today for refusing to hold a debate in each county. Kapanke challenged Kind to 19 debates, one in each county, so that voters all over the district would have the opportunity to hear directly from the candidates and make their decision.

“Voters in each county of the Third District deserve to hear from us,” said Dan Kapanke. “I want to appear in each county and debate my opponent on the issues that are important to folks in Wisconsin. We have some serious issues in this country and Ron Kind and I need to explain our ideas to people so they can decide who best represents them.”

Dan Kapanke sent Ron Kind a certified letter inviting him to appear in 19 debates. In response, Ron Kind answered with a staffer phone call and with a comment issued through the La Crosse Tribune that he will only make three debate appearances. (Source: Kapanake campaign)

The question is how many debates is appropriate prior to the general election?  It does appear that Congressman Kind is ducking the chance to let the people decide by only wanting to debate Dan Kapanake only three times.

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