Walker unveils jobs plan

Republican candidate for Governor Scott Walker has six points he says will bring 250,000 jobs and create 10,000 new businesses in Wisconsin by 2015. Point number one is lower taxes. He says despite each taxpayer giving less, the spurred business activity will generate more for state coffers.

“As you broaden the base of tax payers by more people working the bottom line is more revenue is coming to the state treasure even though people are paying at a lower tax rate.”

Walker says the approach been proven in states like Texas and Tennessee as well as nationally during the Reagan administration. Other parts of the plan include fewer regulations, tort reform, better education, improved health care and a strong infrastructure which includes transportation, water and telecommunications. (Source: Wisconsin Radio Network)

Click here for audio of Walker’s talk with reporters.

What do Wisconsin voters think?  Good plan that is achievable or bad plan with no chance.

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