Joe Miller on rising federal debt

The federal government‘s continued expansion and rising indebtedness is unconstitutional, Alaska Senate candidate Joe Miller said Sunday, arguing that the direction the nation is going — and that his rival Sen. Lisa Murkowski is headed — “is a dead-end road.”

Speaking on “Fox News Sunday,” Miller said Washington has overstepped its constitutional authority by enacting unemployment compensation, Social Security and Medicare programs that have bankrupted the nation.

“We have a contract between people and their government. Right now that contract’s been broken,” Miller said.

The “entitlement mentality,” he added, is a “disingenuous” interpretation of the Constitution because it indoctrinates individuals and governments into believing that “it’s the federal government’s role to get in there and provide for the general welfare, to basically provide for the solvency particularly of states and other entities — what, auto companies, the banks — everything else that fails, the government should be involved in bailing out.”

The Constitution “does not provide for this all-encompassing power that we’ve seen exercised over the last several decades,” he said. (Source: Fox News)

Joe Miller, like many Americans, realizes the grave situation facing America.  And he’s right to call what is happening unconstitutional.

Be sure to go to the source to see Sen. Murkowski’s liberal spin on Miller’s argument.  As if anymore proof was needed that she is a RINO.

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