Warning to the GOP

One of the GOP’s most conservative senators and a tea-party favorite, Jim DeMint of South Carolina, says the Republican Party will be “dead” if it fails to live up to its principles again.

DeMint has been critical of Republicans who he contends have not lived up to conservative values of limited government. He has long argued that when Republicans controlled Congress during the Bush administration, they spent and borrowed too much.

Amid predictions that the GOP will regain control of the House, DeMint says that if GOP lawmakers don’t do what they say they’ll do, if they are in the majority, in his words, “the Republican Party’s dead.” (Source: Fox News)

Jim DeMint nails it on the head here.  The question is does the GOP understand the need to live up to its conservative principles.

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3 thoughts on “Warning to the GOP

  1. I still don’t think they get it yet. Candidates and the leaders of the Republican party expect us to vote for them and then tell us to SHUT UP after they get to DC.

    It’s a different story today. Only the future will tell us if they get it.

    Keep up your GREAT work.

  2. The Republican Party may be given another chance to display the belief that less government is better for the common citizen. If the ‘Country Club’ Republicans insist on compromising with Democrats (when did the Dems every compromise with the GOP on anything?) then their days are sorely numbered. They will have inherited the deep distrust of the middle to right political voters in this country and may never recover at least in the near future.

    Lets get back to our founding fathers principles and ignore the diatribes of the leftists in our government.

    Socialism is NOT what made this country great is was rugged individualism and a market driven economy.

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