Kagen dusting off the old playbook

It looks like Congressman Kagen is dusting off the old playbook.  You know the one that plays on fear in the 8th Congressional District race.  Here’s the first ad he’s run since the primary on September 14.

8th District resident Scott Crevier does an excellent job pointing out how dishonest and misleading this ad by Congressman Kagen is.

Kagen cleverly took a very small clip out of a response Ribble gave at a forum, and twisted it to change its meaning. Reid Ribble does NOT want to force Wisconsin seniors to fend for themselves.

I posted the unedited TV commercial above because it shows quite obviously how misleading and dishonest Dr. Steve Kagen is. How can we trust this man? Come on folks, use your common sense. Who in their right mind would say such a thing? Do you REALLY believe Reid Ribble (or anyone) wants Wisconsin seniors to just “fend for themselves?” After they’ve been paying into the system their entire lives?

All Ribble is doing is recognizing the fact that our CURRENT Social Security system is broke and needs fixing. In Kagen’s ad, Ribble says, “somehow we have to establish a phase out of the current Social Security system”. But if Kagen had played Ribble’s quote for just FOUR MORE WORDS, you would have heard this, “somehow we have to establish a phase out of the current Social Security system TO A NEW SYSTEM.” It sure makes a difference doesn’t it? Ribble does NOT want to leave our Wisconsin seniors to “fend for themselves.” He wants to phase out the CURRENT system. Words matter folks.

Kagen’s ad aired on TV during a Packer game in Wisconsin. He was obviously trying to scare senior citizens into voting for him. I don’t like it when people try to scam our senior citizens.

Isn’t there an age old gentleman’s custom that one man should not talk badly about another man’s Mother? Well, Dr. Kagen, when you say that Reid Ribble wants Wisconsin seniors to “fend for themselves,” that’s my Mother you’re talking about. And I’ll say this. I sure would rather have Reid Ribble fending for my Mother rather than you Dr. Kagen.

The ad finishes by saying “tell Republican Reid Ribble to keep his hands off our Social Security.” Again, a little common sense here folks. Do you really want that? Do you REALLY want congress keeping their hands off and leaving Social Security as it is? Have you been living under a rock for the past decade? We can’t leave it alone. Social Security is broke (in more ways than one). In it’s CURRENT form, it needs to be phased out and a new system needs to be established to ensure that there is indeed money there when we retire (which is exactly what Ribble says in the extended version of his speech).

After completing a great analysis of the ad, Scott points out how the DCCC didn’t do Congressman Kagen any favors by posting this.

Congressman Kagen has decided it’s better to distort information for purposes of fear than address his record.  Sorry Congressman but fear tactics and distortion aren’t going to work in this election.

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