Congressman Kagen trying to paint Ribble as the politician

Simply unbelievable.  After serving two terms in Congress, Steve Kagen‘s re-election ads end with slight variations of this:


Does the Congressman truly believe that the people of the 8th District will consider him to be an outsider when they vote on November 2nd?

Does the Congressman think that people won’t remember how he’s voted in virtual lockstep with Nancy Pelosi since being elected in 2006 by referring to himself as Dr. Steve Kagen in his 2010 election ads?

The amazing part is he understands that people are fed up with politicians.  What’s funny is he’s trying to paint Reid Ribble as a politician in that first ad deception aired over the weekend.

Scott, who did a great job showing just how deceptive it was, points out,

Democrats are rightfully scared that they will lose their grip on congress in November. Couple this with the fact that Steve Kagen is actually a smart guy. He knows how Americans are feeling.

So, if you know that Americans don’t like politicians, then perhaps there’s no better way to get voters to dislike Reid Ribble than to label him a politician. There’s only one problem with that. Reid Ribble has never held public office. He was a roofing contractor for 30 years. He’s a businessman who understands how to create jobs, make payroll, operate on a budget, and pay for health care.

Sure, it’s a subtle thing, but believe me, it was deliberate and intentional. Steve Kagen wants you to think that Reid Ribble is just another politician, making bad decisions for the country, and therefore you should dislike him.

Too bad the voters in the 8th Congressional District are on to the shenanigans of Congressman Steve Kagen.

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