Politicrap: Steve Kagen’s Social Security Attack

It’s time to take aim at claims being made regarding Social Security.

This shot comes from Steve over at No Runny Eggs regarding this misleading ad that Congressman Kagen continues to run.

U.S. Representative Steve Kagen’s (D-8th District) Social Security ad claims that his Republican opponent, Reid Ribble, wants to “…phase out Social Security, forcing Wisconsin’s seniors to fend for themselves”. It goes on to use a partial-sentence quote from Ribble made at a candidate forum: “…(S)omehow we have to establish a phase out of the current Social Security system…”.

The facts:
That partial-sentence quote came from a candidate forum hosted by the Fox Valley Initiative on 11/3/2009, and does not include either the end of that sentence or the preceding sentence. The parts that were omitted by the Kagen campaign prove the lie. The fuller quote, taken from the Appleton Post-Crescent taping of the forum, with Ribble’s answer beginning at the 1:33:00 mark and the question being answered at the 1:30:40 mark, is, “There’s been a promise made and for those of you that are in their retirement years, you lived and planned your life based on a promise by your government. And so somehow we have to establish a phase out of the current Social Security system to a new system, and that will have to happen over time.”


See Congressman Kagen even those outside the 8th Congressional District are on to your shenanigans.

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  1. Plus, since Charlie chose that one for the on-air PolitiCrap, anybody who was either listening to WTMJ-AM at the beginning of the 10 o’clock hour or catches the beginning of part 2 of today’s podcast will hear it.

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