Steve Kagen’s Sidewalk to Nowhere

BerryLaker has the details on Congressman Steve Kagen‘s “Bridge to Nowhere” included in the FAILED stimulus bill.

If you travel north on HWY 141 some 40 miles from Green Bay you will find a nice little Village of Pound Wisconsin. Population in the 2000 census was 355 people.

The project:

Pound, Village of Walk-Way Connection SVL 1285ft to exist, 4000ft from
Enhancement (W-WCE) N of exist

Estimated cost$723,988
Estimated ARRA funding $723,988

Seems this “stimulus” project is finished.

I took a drive through Pound and headed north on 21st Rd towards HWY 64.

The sidewalk ends at HWY 64 to the north. If your in the area, you need to see this.

So there you have a 4000 ft sidewalk with new street lights that cost over 700 thousand dollars. Why couldn’t they have used black top as a side walk / bike path? Why cement? Why the fancy street lights?

You cannot blame the Village of Pound for asking for their walkway but 723 thousand dollars! If you stand on the HWY 141 over pass you can look north and south and see it is a side walk that goes no where with the tax payer money.

Paul has some hard-hitting questions that perhaps the local media should be asking Congressman Steve Kagen about this “Sidewalk to Nowhere”.

Congressman Kagen, was all of the $723, 988 spent on this one stimulus project?

Congressman Kagen, how many jobs did this create? Where are those jobs today?

Congressman Kagen, could the money have been spent on a better project?

Congressman Kagen, how could you vote for wasteful stimulus which our children will have to pay for the rest of their life.

You can see photos of the project here.

Remember this as you go to the voting booth on November 2. Ask yourself “was this an appropriate use of tax dollars?”

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