Letters: Ribble would restore integrity

Steve Kagen has got to go. He does not represent me, or those I know from the Fox Valley, in Washington. He ignored all my e-mails urging him to vote against the government takeover of health care and other expansions of government power and spending.

His recent TV ads, which are intentionally deceptive, show how desperate he is. The ad made his conservative challenger, Reid Ribble, out to be for leaving those dependent on Social Security with nothing. I heard with my own ears, at candidate forums, that Ribble simply meant he wants to fix a broken system.

Ribble has impressed me with his humility. He wants to hear from those he’ll represent and he’s open to other viewpoints. He knows that “we the people” will be his boss and that the U.S. Constitution limits what Congress can do. At the same time, I think Ribble will be independent enough, and strong enough, to stand up to his own party when principle is at stake. (Source: Post-Crescent)

This letter is spot-on.  On November 2nd voters in the 8th need to “Clean House” and send Congressman Steve Kagen back to private practice.  We need a representative in Washington who understands the need to make the tough decisions and who understands that more government isn’t the answer to the problems facing America economically.  As the writer points out that person is Reid Ribble.

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