Ribble: Hands off Social Security

During his visit to the Advocate, Ribble said he has been hearing a lot about the Kagen attack ad, in which an excerpt from a Ribble speech shows him appearing to support a phase-out of the Social Security system.

“The prevailing thought as I’ve been going around the district … is Americans are really cynical about government. They don’t believe government can change, they don’t believe our government is honest; they don’t believe that our congressmen and senators will tell us the truth,” Ribble said. “And so what is one of the first ads coming out of Congressman Kagen? A hit ad on Social Security where he cut a video literally mid-sentence to make it say what he wanted to say.”

Ribble said in the deleted portion of the video clip, he talked about stopping Congress from using Social Security taxes for general purposes.

“I’ve said it every single time that I’ve spoken and I’ve said it on the video that conveniently cut out, that our country made a promise to our seniors,” he said.

Ribble said he opposes privatization of Social Security. A better system would be for people to have money withheld from their paychecks to be saved specifically for them, he explained.

“It would only work if Congress would keep their hands off of the money rather than raiding the Social Security trust fund,” Ribble said. (Source: Door County Advocate)

Anyone who takes the time to research or at least look for information beyond the false, misleading TV ads being put out by Congressman Kagen and his union cronies knows what Reid’s true position is. One has to wonder if Reid and his campaign realize the damage these attack ads are doing.

More needs to be done to fight back. At the very least do a radio blitz highlighting Reid’s true position on Social Security utilizing the deleted clips and other soundbites.  The smart move would be to put together a YouTube video of those clips.  Then utilize that video as a mechanism via the campaign site, Facebook and Twitter, etc.  to raise funds so it can be aired as a TV ad in the next week.

But I’m not a political consultant so …

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