Jim DeMint: The Fired Congress

Some companies have a policy that once someone is fired, they aren’t allowed back on the premises out of fear they might do further damage to the company. It’s too bad Congress doesn’t have the same policy. Because before they’re replaced in January, all of the Democrats who are put out of a job in November will be able to come back and rob the nation blind.

More than a dozen senators will come back to Washington and decide how much more tax money to take from Americans, without being accountable to any of them. Higher taxes, cap-and-trade, amnesty, and card check will be top-priority items for the Fired Congress, otherwise known as the lame-duck Congress. They’re also likely to roll unfinished appropriations bills into a massive, pork-stuffed omnibus to snag every last possible earmark on their way out of Washington.

This must not happen. The only acceptable outcome of the lame-duck session is a continuing resolution to keep government operating at current levels of spending and taxation, as I pushed the Senate to do in 2006 after Republicans lost the majority to the Democrats. No last-minute earmarks, no add-ons, no tax increases, and no big deficit spending. (Source: National Review Online)

Considering the Democrats are about to get their hindside handed to them in three weeks, voters need to be vigilant.  As Senator DeMint points out in the rest of his article there is a lot of damage the Democrats could do if not held in check.

Will Congressman Steve Kagen and Senator Russ Feingold go on record promising not to support any attempts to cram spending and taxes through a lameduck session?  It’s important for voters to press them on this since they very well could be unaccountable to the voters after November 2nd.

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