DCCC bails on Congressman Kagen

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It looks as though with less than three weeks until the election, the DCCC has pulled all its advertising money from the Wisconsin 8th Congressional District.

The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee has canceled its ad reservation for Wisconsin Rep. Steve Kagen – a sign that the Democrat’s chances against Republican Reid Ribble may be growing dimmer.

A Democratic official confirmed to POLITICO that the committee no longer plans to air ads in Kagen’s Green Bay area 8th District. Kagen had been set to receive DCCC support on television.

The move comes as the DCCC implements its “triage” strategy, canceling ad buy reservations for Democrats in races that appear increasingly difficult for the party to win.

However the DCCC is running spin, saying it still fully backs Congressman Kagen.

Democrats said the committee had determined that Kagen would have sufficient support on the airwaves, with the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees and Democratic-leaning America’s Families First already planning ad buys on Kagen’s behalf.

“The DCCC constantly makes adjustments based on the level of outside group activity in a district. Based on our assessment on the level of TV advertising in the district, Steve Kagan is in a strong position,” Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee Chairman Chris Van Hollen told POLITICO in a statement. “We are fully invested in Steve Kagan’s voter contact efforts and remain confident he will win on election night.” (Source: Politico)

The writing is on the wall in the 8th Congressional District even though President Barack Hussein Obama won here two years ago with 54% of the vote.  It may not publicly admit it but the DCCC knows it especially when the New York Times is forecasting this.

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