More dishonesty from Congressman Kagen

Here’s an ad on illegal immigration that Congressman Steve Kagen started running late last week.

Yet again it’s another false, misleading and distorted ad on Reid Ribble’s position by the real politician in this race, Congressman Kagen.

In a dishonest new ad, Kagen hits Ribble on illegal immigration – from the restrictionist side. “There are 11 million illegal immigrants in America,” a narrator intones. “Politician Reid Ribble thinks there should be more. See, Ribble owned a national roofing company and Ribble admitted his industry gets almost half of its workers from outside the US. So Ribble lobbied Congress against doing more to tighten our borders. Politician Reid Ribble. More jobs for illegals, fewer jobs for us.”

As those last two lines play, the video cuts from a group of ostensibly illegal workers on a roof to a despondent looking family of five. It’s the kind of us-versus-them argument that frequently earns condemnations from the media and the left as “divisive” or even “racist” – especially from a candidate who has apologized for making racially insensitive comments in the past.

The bigger problem with the ad is that like the phony encounter with Karl Rove, Kagen’s claims are completely invented. Just made up.

The ad momentarily flashes a highlighted newspaper article on the screen to give viewers the impression that Kagen obtained his information from a credible source. The name and date of the publication are not discernable if you watch the ad at real speed, but by pausing the ad it’s possible to read that his source is the Appleton Post-Crescent from March 1, 2006. (According to Lexis-Nexis, there is no mention of Ribble in the paper on that date. A profile of Ribble ran on February 21, 2006, but the quote Kagen uses in the ad does not appear in that article.)

So did Ribble really say that he favors having “more” illegal immigrants in the United States? Of course not.

The article was a short profile of Ribble as a local businessman involved with the National Roofers Contractors Association. Ribble told the paper that the association’s top issue was insurance and that the second was finding enough workers. In the discussion of that second issue, Ribble said that he favored immigration reforms that would increase the number of “documented workers” to help fill job openings. Ribble said that he never hires illegal immigrants but acknowledged that others in the industry do. And that’s why immigration reform is necessary – to discourage roofers from hiring illegals by increasing the supply of documented workers. (Source: The Weekly Standard)

Over at The Underground Conservative comes a reminder about “documented workers“.

Documented workers are not illegal aliens. That may be news to some of you, but documented workers are legal aliens with permission to be in the United States. They may be here on work visas, or they may be in the process of legally immigrating to the U.S.

That is a good thing. We want that. America is a nation of immigrants, people who come here for the freedom and the opportunity America offers.

The problem for Congressman Steve Kagen is that the voters of the 8th Congressional District and the people of Wisconsin recognize that he is trying to avoid the issues.  Instead he chooses to attack his opponent negatively in an effort to misdirect voters with divisive ads.  A strategy voters will reject.

Don’t be fooled on November 2nd. Be informed.  Remember you can’t trust a word politician Steve Kagen says.  It’s total crap.

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3 thoughts on “More dishonesty from Congressman Kagen

  1. I was just talking to two people yesterday about this very ad from Kagen. It must of worked with these two.

    They complained Reid Ribble wants to hire illegal immigrants for his roofing company. One comment was, ” we should be hiring people in this country first.”

    No matter what I said, their mind was made up.

    Kegan puts out the lies and some people are sucking it in.

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