Pro-Life Billboard Turning Heads

A pro-life billboard ad is turning heads in Marinette, Wis., and garnering national attention for its matter-of-fact message.

Standing tall near the local high school, the advertisement shows a young pregnant woman fretting about how “My mom’s going to kill me.”  In her womb, an equally concerned unborn baby is having similar visible thoughts: “My mom REALLY is going to KILL ME.”

The billboard’s sponsor is LifeCore, a non-profit organization based in Menominee, Michigan.  “It’s the way teenagers talk,” Michael Ebert, LifeCore president explained. “If someone is out too late they say ‘my mother’s going to kill me.‘ This girl has gotten pregnant and she says ’my mom’s going to kill me.’ Well what we also have is this girl is pregnant, and it’s clear you can see the baby. The baby does not have a voice so we’re giving the baby a voice: ‘my mom really is going to kill me.’ We give a place that if they want help: Bay Area Pregnancy Services provides alternatives for abortion and helps the girls who get into this situation.”

“We have the message of what the problem is, and we have the message of where the girls can go to get help. No girl should have to go through this alone and they shouldn’t have to have an abortion,” said Ebert. (Source: The Blaze)

Kudos to LifeCore for putting up this billboard.  People need to realize that there are alternatives to Planned ParentHood.  You can CHOOSE LIFE.

Definitely a great conversation starter, don’t you think?

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