Obamacare too costly

Six months after President Barack Obama signed the bill into law, key parts of health care reform are being implemented. Democrats promised this legislation would lower health care costs for consumers, taxpayers and businesses. However, the evidence increasingly indicates that this was just another example of Washington over-promising and under-delivering.

Independent analysts have discovered that health care costs in this country will continue to rise, largely due to compliance costs from the thousands of pages of new regulations and mandates passed by Congress.

The Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services — the president’s own actuaries — estimated that health care costs in America will increase by $310 billion directly due to implementation and compliance with the new health care law.

Premiums are also expected to rise. The Wall Street Journal recently reported that one health insurance company said that half of its 18 percent increase in premiums in Wisconsin is because of the new health care mandates.

With a large portion of the law’s mandates not taking effect until 2014, what do you suppose will happen to health care premiums in another four years?

The new health care law passed by Congressman Kagen and congressional Democrats has failed to lower health care costs and has only made our system larger, more cumbersome and costly.

I’m in favor of health care reform that fixes the problems we’re facing, but this approach was the absolute wrong way to reform the system.

Reducing frivolous lawsuits, increasing competition and reducing bureaucracy are areas where virtually all can agree progress should be made, yet they were left out of the Democrats’ “reform” package. (Source: Post Crescent)

Reid Ribble does an excellent job pointing out the problems with Obamacare, problems that Congressman Steve Kagen don’t want people to remember about the bill he voted for.  As Reid says the bill is a leaky roof with very expensive consequences.

Go to the source to be reminded of the non-health care items that were put into the bill that will be crippling to small business.

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  1. Republicans are for the parts of the health care bill that already went into effect. Just read their Plan for America (or whatever they called it).

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