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From Cyberbrethren:

Here are some resources to help you read the Book of Concord, and to bring it to the attention of your congregation in a more intentional way.

Daily Readings from the Book of Concord is available on the Book of Concord website; it uses the table at the beginning of the Concordia edition to break the confessions up into daily reading segments. It will send you a link to the start of the reading for each day (M-F). You can pull out your Concordia Edition and read it there, or click on the link to read it online. To help promote reading the Book of Concord to your Facebook friends, go to periodically and click on the “recommend” button.

Weekly Readings for the 3-year series is a bulletin insert tied to the readings of the day for your church to insert into their bulletins. This will provide a method to acquaint more church members with our confessions. These are prepared by Pastor Doug May each week.

Weekly Readings for the 1-year series is a similar bulletin insert for those churches that use the 1-year historic readings, prepared by Pastor Kurt Hering.

Excellent suggestions.  The key though is taking the time to read the Lutheran Confessions regularly along with the Bible.  Personally I try to follow the schedule in the front of the Book of Concord.

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