Ribble ready to make waves in Washington

Ultimately time will tell, but after four years of Steve Kagen this is a refreshing change.

Some are ready to make waves. “I think John Boehner will play a large role in setting the agenda,” said Reid Ribble, a retired roofing company owner who will be representing Wisconsin’s Eighth District in the House, speaking of the presumed new speaker. “But I will spend my time listening to members more than speaker of the house.”

That sentiment, and a pledge by some newcomers like Mr. Ribble who say they will term limit themselves, will now be tested. “I don’t plan on making this a career,” he said, just four terms.

Congressman-elect Ribble, like many of the new faces in Washington, faces a learning curve.

Mr. Ribble says his expectations are already being managed. “You think you’re going to show up and get a committee assignment and get in a room and you’re going to start doing things. But now I know there is a lot of time spent on rules and procedures. I have to learn all these rules.”

Remember Reid that the Constitution is rule number one. No matter what the lobbyists and Washington insiders say it trumps everything.

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