State ban challenged in court

This is good.

A lawsuit was filed in Waukesha County Circuit Wednesday challenging the constitutionality of a state law that forces school districts, when challenged, to prove race-based team names and logos do not promote racism.

The lawsuit, filed against the state Department of Public Instruction, claims the law violates the due process and equal protection rights of taxpayers in the Mukwonago School District.

The district was ordered by the state in October to change the Mukwonago High School “Indians” nickname and logo within a year, under the law that allows a resident of a school district to file a complaint with the state over race-based team names.

After the complaint is filed the school district must then prove its name and logo do not promote pupil discrimination, stereotyping or harassment.

The change could cost Mukwonago School District taxpayers $100,000, according to the suit filed by the Milwaukee law firm of Crivello Carlson S.C. on behalf of Mukwonago residents James R. Schoolcraft and Craig Vertz.

The law, signed into law in May, also encourages inconsistent and disparate treatment of school districts and residents throughout the state, the suit maintains.

This is an idiotic political correctness law that never should have been passed in the first place.  Kudos to the Mukwonago school district for having the backbone to fight it.

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