Ryan concerned about acceleration of ObamaCare

President Obama’s fiscal commission was tasked with trying to get deficits under control, but its proposals would dramatically accelerate the growth of the new entitlement program created by the national health care law, thus expanding America‘s future obligations, says Rep. Paul Ryan, a member of the commission and the incoming chair of the House Budget Committee.

Among the many proposals contained in the 66-page report, one of them would begin to phase out the tax exclusion for employer-based health insurance. While supporters of a free market for health care have long argued that such a step would be necessary to create a functioning market for insurance, Ryan argues that doing so with ObamaCare still intact would have disasterous ramifications. In the world of ObamaCare, Ryan explains, when employers begin to drop insurance coverage in response to the change in tax treatment, instead of going into a competitive free market, Americans will be funnelled into the government-run insurance exchanges. This would hasten the nation’s long-term slide into a single-payer health care system.

“While I’m pleased to see the need to address the exclusion in the context of the Fiscal Commission, I have serious concerns with the consequences if applied under Obamacare’s infrastructure,” Ryan wrote in a email to TAS. “Without a healthy, vibrant, competitive market for health insurance, the proposed reforms would move employees away from job-based health insurance, and end up in the government-controlled exchanges. This would dramatically increase entitlement spending as hundreds of millions of Americans would be dumped into the subsidized exchanges. It would also result in more people being forced into the new health entitlement, at a time when we have no plan to finance our existing entitlement programs.” (Source: American Spectator)

The commission has jump-started debate on a critical issue facing America.  As Rep. Ryan points out though the last thing this country needs is an acceleration of ObamaCare.  Which is why as important as the tax exclusion is now is not the time for it.  Go to the source to read Rep. Ryan’s complete statement.

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