Ribble on Omnibus failure

Rep.-elect Reid Ribble (R-Wis.) described the omnibus as a “boondoggle” and agreed that the continuing budget resolution gives Republicans more leverage. But he said he believes the president has heard the electorate’s message on spending cuts.

Ribble said he disagrees with Democrats who want to put spending cuts on hold, because “the recovery is not about dollars in circulation … it is about psychology.”

“If they see Congress get serious about a balanced budget, that will be a powerful signal to business,” he said

This is good to see.

The six Republicans interviewed by The Hill said they would look to force deep cuts in the next round of spending bills and during the 2012 budget cycle. Each rejected Democratic arguments that higher government spending is needed to ensure an economic recovery in the short term and said spending cuts should come in 2011.

In a sign of change for the GOP, the new Budget Committee members said that defense cuts must be on the table along with social spending to reduce the deficit.

They also expressed unease about the vote to increase the nation’s $14 trillion debt ceiling next spring, although some said they are leaning toward voting in favor over fears of what a default on the debt would do to the economy. (Source: The Hill)

The questions are simple for Congressman-elect Ribble.   Why does he think President Obama has heard the message when it comes to spending cuts? When push comes to shove just how deep of cuts will he support?  What cuts are a priority?  What is his position on raising the debt ceiling next spring?

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