Must have accessory: The Constitution

For the new Congress, the must-have accessory isn’t an iPad or a Kindle. It’s a 3.25-by-6.25-inch pocket copy of the U.S. Constitution.

A growing number of lawmakers are carrying the tiny copies in suit jackets and in their cars, a response in part to tea-party complaints that Congress has lost sight of the country’s founding document.

The 224-year-old government road map has become a potent political symbol akin to the flag pin, and one that’s hard to reject, even for lawmakers who don’t necessarily sign on to tea-party ideas.

The document’s public prominence was spurred in part by voters who say Democrats overreached in their legislative agenda. At the center of that debate is the health care overhaul, which faces a series of court challenges on constitutional grounds. Democrats say that law and their other achievements fall within the scope of their constitutional powers.

Striding up the stairs inside the Capitol Wednesday, Rep. Dennis Kucinich (D., Ohio) pulled from his left blazer pocket a copy emblazoned with his picture, an edition printed for his presidential campaign. “I always carry a Constitution with me,” Rep. Kucinich said. “This Constitution belongs to all Americans, and it’s a good thing that it be celebrated.” (Source: WSJ)

Kudos to Rep. Kucinich for pointing out it should be celebrated. However it should also be followed by every Congress.

It is a must-have accessory of all members of Congress.  If your member of Congress doesn’t carry one ask them why.  For good measure inquire if all members of their staff carry one.

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