Recall of State Senator Dave Hansen

Still gathering details on this but efforts are underway to begin a recall of State Senator Dave Hansen.

Dave Hansen needs to be recalled for serious gross neglect of duty to his constituents in the 30th Senate district, for not showing up to work.
In addition it looks as though Jerry Bader will be encouraging a recall of State Senator Hansen as well as State Senator Julie Lassa.
But I’m going to urge voters tomorrow in the Senate districts represented by Democrats Dave Hansen of Green Bay and Julie Lassa of Stevens Point to launch recall efforts against them, because of their decision to ignore their responsibility and leave the state during the budget fix debate. The PDF linked above is the recall election manual provided by the State of Wisconsin. Everything you need is right there, except the motivation. That’s where I will come in.
Look for updates here as they become available or click the picture of Senator Hansen in the sidebar.


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14 thoughts on “Recall of State Senator Dave Hansen

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  2. i think it is a act of cowererdness just to leave because you dont like what the scott walker is doing,these are public workers who work for the TAX PAYERS paying there wages! The state is broke,I think it is about time that the spending free for all comes to and end. Come back to work dave hansen!

  3. recall the capital police captain while your at it..take a get tough stance against these union thugs

  4. Donna,

    There will be a signature collection event this Thursday at the Green Bay city hall from 8:30 – 4:30 pm. Also you can download the petition & sign it as well as collect signatures from others.

  5. get rid of all 14 of them…I’ve met Dave Hansen and shook his hand….never will again….they’re all AWOL

  6. I’ve met Dave Hansen and shook his hand….never will again….they’re all AWOL

  7. How are the signatures coming? And is there someone willing to run against Dave Hansen?? They will need to get signatures to get on the ballot against Dave and that person could be getting signatures now. I would hate for Dave to be recalled, but not have a challenger?!

  8. Nomination signatures can’t be circulated until a recall petition signatures have been verified by GAB & an election called. My understanding is that there are people interested.

    As for signatures they are going very well from what I have been told. However the key is to keep gathering.

  9. can you give me a contact no or locations of where to sign the recall. I have family in Green Bay that would like to sign and if I give them the information they will do it. Thanks….

  10. Chris,

    Have them head down to City Hall on Thursdays between 8:30 and 4:30. Or starting next week Recall Hansen headquarters opens at 1136 W. Mason St. with plans to be open 9 – 9.

    Have an awesome weekend.

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