The “Union” Protest: Myths vs. Facts

Amazing how the “union” has the gall to compare this to Nazi Germany.

Perhaps those protesting should actually read the bill.  And the next time a teacher says their actions regarding this BOLD proposal are “for the children” let them know they are hypocrites.  If it was for the children, there wouldn’t have been school cancellations due to “sick-outs”.  If it was for the children, misinformation about the effects of this bill wouldn’t be told to students.


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2 thoughts on “The “Union” Protest: Myths vs. Facts

  1. That doesn’t disprove anything. The protesters agreed to the cuts in wages and benefits. They just don’t want their right to collectively bargain taken away.

    You right-wingers can’t make your point without lying. That’s because you’re just little sheep who would do or say anything for your party.

  2. Oh please. Point out the lies in the video. The lie is that there will be cuts in wages & benefits. Asking someone to pay more towards their health insurance & pension isn’t a cut. And the right to collectively bargain isn’t being taken away the provisions for what is subject to c.b. is changed.

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