$9 million from taxpayers to protest?

The good folks at MacIver Institute have been crunching the numbers on the cost of the “sickouts” by teachers across the state to attend the protest in Madison.   The result:

As Milwaukee Public School teachers left their classrooms to march in Madison Friday, they likely earned more than $3 million to not teach students in Wisconsin’s largest school district.

In Madison, the school district was closed for three days after hundreds of teachers engaged in a mass sick-out so they could attend protest rallies at the State Capitol. That could cost the district $2.7 million.

Late Sunday night Madison Metropolitan School District administration announced their schools would be shut down yet one more day, at a possible cost of more than $900,000.

Many of absent teachers converged on the Capitol to protest a bill which would alter their compensation packages and make changes in government employee unions’ ability to collectively bargain on issues other than wages.

While some have speculated that the absent teachers will see their pay docked, that may not be the case if they provide a doctor’s note. Due to collective bargaining rules currently in place, the absences could be considered excused and the teachers would be paid for their protesting.

These figures don’t include administrators and support staff, many of which got an unexpected paid days off thanks to the week’s protests.

The issue extends far beyond Milwaukee and Madison, however. More than two dozen school districts were closed for at least one day last week as teachers called in sick to attend protests over the Budget Repair bill in Madison.

Remember this Wisconsin taxpayers the next time you hear WEAC leaders or teachers say “it’s for the children.”

Remind them about this unnecessary cost to taxpayers that is a direct result of their selfish actions.


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