Update: Recall of State Senator Hansen

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Things are in motion when it comes to initiating a recall of State Senator Dave Hansen.  Here is the latest information that has been received:

WHAT: Organizational Meeting for Recalling

Senator Hansen

WHEN: Saturday, Febraury 26, 2011 @ 12 noon

WHERE: Rock Garden, 1951 Bond St, Green Bay

If you want to assist with the recall effort that is the place to be.  Especially if you live in the 30th Senate District.


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7 thoughts on “Update: Recall of State Senator Hansen

  1. I would like to know if a petition will be available to sign for the recall of Sen Dave Hansen (D-Green Bay, WI) at the Feb 26,2011 meeting at the Rock Garden? Sara S

  2. Unable to make it to Rock Gardens. Wondering if a petition will be available to sign at a later date. I tune in to Jerry Bader daily and will listen there or look for a followup e-mail in response.

  3. Ok, to be clear. We print the recall petition posted at the side bar and get signatures from people who are able to vote in the 30th district. After we obtain the signatures where and to who do we send the petition? Will the signatures be verified so we are SURE he will be recalled? Also, who will be keeping the official tally of signatures obtained? For those of us who were unable to attend the meeting at Rock Garden we are in need of this basic information so we can help with the effort of moving this thing forward the RIGHT way! I know so mant people who just want to know where they can go to sign….. lets get this thing up and off the ground! I appreciate any and all information you have regarding my above questions, I just want to get this right so we can succeed!!!!! Sara

  4. Sara,

    Print out the recall fact sheet as it provides information on where to send the completed signature forms to. As for the total number the goal is to gather between 18000 and 20000, which is 30% or so more than the required number to account for signatures which may be tossed out and a tally is being kept. It was pointed out at the meeting to focus on gathering signatures in the 30th district, leave the “validity” question to Senator Hansen once the signatures have been turned in to Madison.

    There will be numerous opportunities for folks in the 30th to sign. Plans are in the works for different events (including one at GB City Hall Thursday). And remember people can download the petition here or at http://recalldavehansen.com to circulate. You can also sign your own petition if you live in the 30th.

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