Irresponsible to run away

Great editorial from the Wisconsin State Journal.

They made their point.

Now it’s time to get back to work — in Madison, not Rockford, Ill., or Chicago.

The Senate Democrats who fled Wisconsin for Illinois last week need to do the jobs they were elected to do at the state Capitol in Madison. Running away from their problems won’t solve them.

All 14 Democrats in the 33-member Wisconsin Senate staged a walkout from the Wisconsin Capitol in Madison on Thursday.

They bolted to prevent the 19 Republicans who control the Senate from potentially voting in favor of GOP Gov. Scott Walker’s controversial budget repair bill. The proposal, which the Democrats adamantly oppose, includes sweeping limits to collective bargaining for public employee unions.

So the Senate is now stuck because it needs at least 20 members for a quorum before it can vote on fiscal matters.

And that’s one more senator than the Republican majority has.

State law allows the Senate to use law enforcement to force absent members back to the Capitol. But because all of the Democrats are apparently holed up out of state, they’re outside the jurisdiction of Wisconsin law enforcement.

So Wisconsin sits and waits. For how long? Until Walker apologizes for winning the last election?

Like it or not, the majority of Wisconsin voters elected Walker and other Republicans to run the statehouse for the next two years. The Democrats can’t change that until subsequent elections.

The runaway 14 have a responsibility to represent their constituents.   That means going to work and doing the job they were elected to do.  Even when it means voting on a bill that you don’t like.

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