What’s up in Marinette?

Those involved with the recall effort approached officials in each of the county seats in the 30th Senate District to schedule signature collection events to be held on Thursdays for the next 8 weeks until the goal for signatures is reached. Those events have been set up in Green Bay and Oconto from 8:30 am – 4:30 pm for recall supporters to sign the petition, drop off completed petitions and learn how to be a circulator.  However, events weren’t set up in Marinette at city hall.  According to promotion of the signature collection events the following is mentioned:

Marinette Mayor, Robert Harbick, personally denied the right to use Marinette city hall for the purpose of peaceful circulation of recall petitions.

Why did Mayor Harbick deny recall supporters request to set up signature collection events?  What reason could there be to not allow peaceful collection of petition signatures at city hall?  Could it have to do with personal opposition to the recall effort?

If anyone has an opportunity to speak with Mayor Harbick ask him why he personally denied the request of Recall Hansen to hold signature collection events at city hall.


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4 thoughts on “What’s up in Marinette?

  1. I am quite sure that Harbick’s actions are illegal. Access to a public building for redress of grievances cannot be infringed upon. I suspect he has violated the Constitutional provision for the right of assembly. Some consideration should be given to retaining counsel on this. I am a former resident of Marinette and own property/pay taxes there. I would be willing to donate up to $1000 to the retention of that attorney.
    This is outrageous and must be responded to. Bob Harbick DOES NOT own Marinette City Hall.

  2. Someone involved with the recall contacted GAB and got this response:
    “It is up to the individual municipality or government entity as to whether we can collect signatures within their buildings. ”

    However it doesn’t mean signatures can’t be collected outside City Hall. Not sure if the AG has been consulted for an opinion.

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