Green Bay’s “Emeritus” Program

Voters in the 30th Senate District this type of sweet deal via collective bargaining is what your State Senator Dave Hansen is trying to defend.  As Badger Blogger points out, this is “INDEFENSIBLE”.

A cushy deal that the local teachers’ union and the Green Bay School District agreed to.

The emeritus program gives one full year’s salary paid over three years. That is in addition to pension benefits. In return, the retiree provides 10 days of service to the district each year during that time. The emeritus program is something that has been negotiated into the teachers’ contract through collective bargaining.

This year 140 teachers or 8% of the teaching staff in the district are taking advantage of this program.  Note that over the next three years they would have to provide only 10 days of service to the district to receive the equivalent of one year’s salary.  All thanks to collective bargaining where the school board was gullible enough to agree to this!

BerryLaker points out you would NEVER find a program like this in the private sector. How is this in the best interest of taxpayers?  How can anyone even defend this program? Perhaps a backer of the teachers’ union would like to try.

A prime example of why collective bargaining for public sector unions needs to be curtailed.

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5 thoughts on “Green Bay’s “Emeritus” Program

  1. “BerryLaker points out you would NEVER find a program like this in the private sector.”

    Oh really? Perhaps you should look into how the compensation of many private sector retirees who are now on their former employer’s corporate board of directors compares with their actual duties. I’ve seen examples where thousands of dollars a year are being paid for attending a board of directors meetings one time per quarter.

  2. How about trying to compare apples to apples next time Jeff. There is a difference as it is a board of directors, not doing the same job you retired from. But more importantly it’s NOT TAXPAYER MONEY being utilized.

  3. Can’t find something like that in the private sector!? There are even sweeter deals than that in the private sector. There are even compensation packages for executives when they are fired! It’s call a golden parachute. I’m sure everyone has heard of it. A CEO gets millions for getting fired. I don’t think the Emeritus program is useful at all and the school board made a mistake as far as I’m concerned but let’s stick to that argument and not make it a bigger ideological issue of public vs. private. To say that there is nothing that wasteful and stupid in the private sector is just dead wrong.

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