Regarding mailing of recall petitions

When it comes to mailing in recall petitions in the 12th and 30th Senate Districts, there is encouragement to call ahead.  Why? A threat to prevent delivery has been uncovered.  From Recall Jim:

It has been brought to our attention that there is a threat to the delivery of mailed petitions at the U. S. Post office, i.e. tossing out first class mail or delaying the delivery of petitions.

Please call 715-479-8784 when mailing petitions and we will put you on a list awaiting petition delivery.

All petitions that arrive without phone calls will be contacted directly to verify their delivery.

If you send in a petition and do not hear from us directly, please call 715-479-8784 to report this.

On the Recall Hansen site is the same message with folks asked to call 920-672-8513 before mailing petitions.  In fact in the 30th word is you can have someone come to you to pick up completed petitions as opposed to mailing them.

So apparently in the attempt to keep the status quo, opponents of the efforts to recall Democrat State Senators are willing to go to the extreme of disrupting mail service.  Isn’t that against federal law?

More importantly what does the Green Bay post office facility have to say about this threat?



2 thoughts on “Regarding mailing of recall petitions

  1. Make sure everyone makes copies before mailing them.

    Better to be safe then sorry.

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