State Senator Holperin on way home?

WisPolitics is reporting that in light of the endgame move played by Republican State Senators on the collective bargaining aspect of Governor Walker’s budget repair bill 12th Senate District Senator Jim Holperin is on his way home from Illinois.

State Sen. Jim Holperin was driving back to his home in Conover this morning and said he expected other Dems to follow suit after the Assembly votes later today.

Holperin said most of the Dem caucus met last night and agreed to return once the Assembly finished its work on the legislation to strip away most collective bargaining rights for public employees. He said he may have left a little earlier than the others, but he believed the Assembly action was a foregone conclusion and there would be no Senate floor session today or tomorrow. He said he would return to the Capitol if that changed.

Holperin headed back three weeks to the day after the Dems went into their self-imposed exile.

A self-imposed exile that did nothing but hold democracy hostage and resulted in 42% of Wisconsinites not having representation in the State Senate for three weeks. Here’s a novel idea for the minority, next time you don’t like a bill do your elected job which is to debate and vote on ALL legislation brought to the floor.

Welcome back Jim.  Perhaps you would like to explain to your constituents why your actions don’t warrant being recalled.