During political turmoil …

how Christians should treat one another.

A great piece by Pastor Peperkorn.

What I have been observing on all sides of these issues is hatred, vitriol, and presumptions about motivations that are certainly uncharitable, and very often slander or worse. And we are not talking about the “other” people. I am talking about Christians, even members of our own congregation. The conversations happen in bible classes, on the phone, on Facebook or Twitter, and really anywhere that people gather. I’m quite certain I have been as guilty of it as anyone.

All of this begs the question: what does it mean to be a Christian in these times? How am I to treat someone with whom I disagree? What if I believe their behavior is not only wrong politically, but is sinful? How am I to interact with them?

  1. Don’t concern yourself with motivations, secret plots, conspiracies and the like. Human beings will always operate in these ways, and today is no different than a hundred years ago.
  2. Do concern yourself with what the issues actually are, and not the personalities involved.
  3. Remember that Christians of goodwill can disagree on how love is to be shown to the neighbor. This does not mean someone who disagrees with you isn’t a Christian. It means that they understand things differently that you do.
  4. Our unity in faith is immeasurably more important than our unity in politics. If you have found that political agreement is more important to you than who you will be spending eternity with (or where!), then I would suggest your priorities are out of whack and need serious examination.

I encourage you to go to Lutheran Logomaniac and read the whole thing.

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