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Seems the “public sector union” folks are in a little tizzy as a result of Governor Walker’s budget repair bill.  So much so that they have in recent weeks been eagerly promoting the boycotting of businesses whose owners either A) Support Governor Walker, B) Won’t display a “support union” sign or C) allow circulators of recalls against Democrat State Senators to collect signatures in front of their business. The goal, besides intimidation, is obviously to try and put the heat on these owners who are exercising their freedoms but at what price?  Do they not realize the domino effect that could be felt throughout the state economically or that it could affect their “brethren” in the private sector.  Some interesting insight on the situation of public sector union orchestrated boycotts.

First off but I wanted to apologize. I don’t usually tag people in notes but I feel this is vitally important as an issue is personally hitting home for my family. Please pass this along.

The hysteria in my home state is still boiling. Wisconsin has a lot of media attention with Governor Scott Walker‘s budget bill. This took away some collective bargaining for public worker unions. Right now there is a boycott to lead against contributors to Scott Walker’s campaign contributors.

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A little background on me and my family, I grew up a middle child in a small Wisconsin town and my parents have had a business that they share with 3 other partners. Since I was pretty much born they have been in this business. They have merged with another business, built a new facility that was 2.5 times the size of the previous location, built their own home and have earned living on what they have created. The first several years my mom was never paid as it went towards me and my sibling’s daycare. We were poor when I was young but I never knew it because they always entrusted in me what is really important in life. My hometown is shrinking because job availability over the last several years has declined. Yet my parents and their business still prevail. They have paid taxes year after year and have to deal with the shroud of an anti-business government (local, state and sometimes federal). They are near retirement but still are carrying on by earning a living. They have been in this business for over 30 years.

In the past, my parents voted for Democrats until the early 90s and haven’t looked back on voting for the GOP. They are conservative and have voted for GOP candidates as far as I know. My parents live in an extremely blue county in the state of Wisconsin and are very private about their political philosophy. While I don’t think they contributed money to Scott Walker they are huge supporters of him and his recent budget bill. Very few people in my hometown know about their conservative beliefs.

My parents have had a personal hell the last several weeks. Union supporters are coming into their business and stapling comment cards with a message (paraphrasing): “Money was spent here from an employee of a public workers union (sometimes it says teacher). Remember who is spending money on you business.” They also had an incident where a few high school girls came into their business and started to protest. My mother informed them they had to leave as it was bothering their customers and their business was not taking sides on the issue. They left in a huff and luckily my parents haven’t suffered any blowback from this event. They do fear boycott publicity which is why they choose to keep silent. They also have been threatened to post a few signs supporting unions on their business or people “might look elsewhere to do their business”.

Here is some irony. Many of the business partners and employees in their company, side with the public worker unions. I am sure M & I Bank and Johnsonville Foods employees and shareholders are supporting the unions too. So what would happen if their boycott did work and their company went into bankruptcy? I think everyone in the company, whether they are Walker supporters or the union supporters, loses. Who benefits from that? Many of Scott Walkers contributors are Wisconsin companies. Do you want the state of Wisconsin to lose more companies, even if they support Scott Walker? I always thought business growth was a good thing. Money isn’t red or blue, it’s green.

My parents have worked with the local school district helping with fundraisers and hosting events. This allows kids from the school to raise money for certain projects and activities. Their business donates to the schools various groups and organization associated with the school. Now some of the teachers in this union are having a temper tantrum over Governor Walker’s bill because they can’t get their way through collective bargaining and they have to pay a little more for their benefits.

My plea is that you pass this around. Some people are even using this list as a means of supporting some companies. I write this message anonymously because my parents cannot speak out. We are a majority, sometimes silent, but still a majority.

On Wisconsin!

Closet GOP

In the end these “boycotts” don’t accomplish anything positive.  The fact is as President Obama emphatically stated after 2008 elections have consequences.  If you don’t like what the majority does you have the opportunity to vote them out the next election.  It may be hard for some on the far left to grasp that but it’s reality & what makes this country great.

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