New Brown County Exec: Troy Streckenbach

Troy Streckenbach cruised to victory Tuesday night.

Troy Streckenbach, the 39-year-old restaurant and bar owner who has never held public office, is the new Brown County executive after a sweeping victory Tuesday.

He becomes the county’s sixth executive, defeating veteran Supervisor Andy Nicholson with 58 percent of the vote to win a four-year term.

The vote was 32,143 for Streckenbach and 22,800 for Nicholson with all precincts reporting.

“I felt back in December that if my message of what my family was feeling resonated with voters who were dealing with the same things, we had a good chance,” Streckenbach said at his victory party at St. Brendan’s Inn in downtown Green Bay. “The taxpayers were looking for a county government to be more fiscally responsible. But it won’t be a quick fix.”

Starting April 19, Troy will begin working towards fulfilling campaign promises while also dealing with a tough budget situation.

Streckenbach ran his campaign on promises to reduce the county debt, prevent tax increases and create 4,000 new jobs in the county. If he falls short of those goals, he said, he would not seek re-election in 2015.

He takes office as the county faces a dire budget situation with a $3.5 million operating deficit that has to be addressed in the face of fewer state aids and new restrictions on increasing the tax levy. County supervisors managed to prevent a tax levy increase this year by taking $1.7 million from the county’s general fund.

“During the campaign I met with department heads and discussed where there were opportunities for efficiencies without affecting services,” Streckenbach said. “We need to maintain our quality of life to attract businesses.”

Streckenbach hit the nail on the head when it came to working with the county board.

“We’re not always going to agree but we’re all the same people and one community,” he said. “We’ll need a multifaceted approach and everything’s on the table.”

Hopefully the board members all agree.


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