Recall Dave Hansen update

A couple of updates on the effort to recall Dave Hansen in the 30th Senate District.  As you may have been aware there were in recent weeks two separate efforts taking place to recall Runaway Dave.  The plan is for the two groups to work together and combine signatures.

Sen. Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald spoke Saturday with David VanderLeest, a local activist in charge of the Recall (Sen.) Dave Hansen committee, about combining efforts with the Committee to Recall Hansen and eventually turn in their petitions together. Fitzgerald was in town that day for a rally to recall Hansen, D-Green Bay, near Northeast Wisconsin Technical College.

“(Fitzgerald) agreed that the Committee to Recall Dave Hansen is going to join with the original recall group, which is mine, before April 26, which is my filing deadline,” VanderLeest said Tuesday.

Republicans in Madison were initially behind the Committee to Recall Hansen, and around March 15, they asked individuals working with VanderLeest to branch off and join their cause. The group officially filed with the GAB on March 16. That created some confusion around town about the duplicate efforts.

VanderLeest had been working on collecting signatures since filing with the GAB on Feb. 25.

“It wasn’t really my decision to do that. It was more of a Madison decision. They wanted to have a second group for back up,” said Chad Fradette, listed as the group’s treasurer. “I don’t know what the intention was because I didn’t pull the trigger but my intention the entire time was to combine back with David.

“The party is now on board with the idea.”

That combined effort is now very close to having the required number of signatures after a surprising release of the total this afternoon.

After combining signatures and adding up the total, we are at 12,973. We need 13,851. Victory is a reality with 19 days to go.

The “Recall Senator Dave Hansen” Facebook page also points out how this has been a true grassroots effort.

“Recall Dave Hansen” spent under $1500 to date. This is an average expense of 8.64 cents a signature.

The recall for Republican Senator Robert Crowles spent $57,301 dollar as of their 30 day finance report. The group needs 15,960 signatures to succeed. If the group succeeds with out spending any more money, they will average $3.59 a signature upon success.

If you have completed petitions, want to sign a petition or pick up petitions to go out and collect more signatures be sure to stop by the “Recall Dave Hansen” headquarters at 1136 West Mason St. Green Bay between 8 am and dusk.

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