Slow death of Acension Day services

Saw this post by Pastor Weedon regarding Acension Day services:

So few Churches celebrate the feast on the 40th day after Easter anymore.  In Roman Churches here, it is mostly moved to the Sunday following.  Some Lutheran parishes join together for service on its own day, but the congregation still diminishes yearly.  Is it really unthinkable that Christ‘s people gather on a Thursday once a year?

And this post over at Pastoral Meanderings:

God has gone up with a shout (says the Psalmist); today He goes up with nary a glance or thought — a whimper more than a trumpet.  Something wrong here.

Why could the LCMS parishes not combine for at least one festival Ascension Day service in a town — and a well attended one?

And after thinking about it I don’t recall any of the LCMS churches here in the Green Bay area having a service last Thursday to celebrate Acension Day.

The question is why?

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