Mandated pre-pay for gas in Green Bay?

This is ridiculous.

Green Bay motorists would have to pre-pay for all gasoline purchases under a proposal to be considered Tuesday by the City Council that is aimed at curbing the number of gas drive-offs.

The proposal would require all gas stations in the city to impose the pre-pay requirement on customers.

Police officials say the proposed ordinance is supported by gas station owners as a way of stopping customers from driving off without paying.

It also would reduce the amount of time and money the police department invests in pursuing perpetrators.

The measure, however, is being considered by the full council after a committee voted against it because of concerns that it represents needless government regulation.

Alderman Chris Wery said gas station owners do not need city government to tell them how to protect themselves from thievery.

So the GBPD is pushing for this NEEDLESS regulation based on a survey.

Police officials say a citywide ordinance is needed because gas stations will be inconsistent in their usage of the policy without it.

Lt. Bill Bongle said business owners have voiced a desire to see the city mandate the practice. In a survey done by the Green Bay police department, 87 percent of gas station owners said they favored the city ordinance.

“It was overwhelming,” Bongle said. “They all feel the same way.”

This is simple – it’s not government’s place to do this.  Even if the majority of the stations surveyed feel that it is.  If a gas station owner doesn’t want to require all customers to pre-pay it has a right to make that decision.

What’s interesting is that NO statistics are provided showing how many drive-offs have taken place this year vs. last year or 2009 or earlier.

Here’s an idea.  Instead of trying to impose nanny-state regulations on consumers and businesses in Green Bay, why not put pressure on the federal government to start doing things that will actually bring down the price of gas?

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