Just a reminder for voters in the 2nd …

when Nancy Nusbaum was Brown County Executive spending increased dramatically.

Brown County officials looked up the budget numbers for us, focusing on the seven budgets Nusbaum signed from late 1995 to early 2003.

Operating spending went up 53 percent over those seven years. That works out to an average increase of 6.3 percent per year. State, local and federal funds contribute to the budget.

So the ad is on target numerically.

Indeed, Nusbaum does not dispute the numbers in it and did not criticize the ad as unfair but noted the County Board had a role in the budgets.

By contrast, the spending increase over the seven years following Nusbaum’s tenure was 34 percent, which is 4.2 percent per year on average.

If you live in the 2nd Senate District do you want a return big spending ways that won’t move Wisconsin “FORWARD”?

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